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Keep it simple.

Investing in a retirement plan should not be rocket science. The limited number of choices and outside review of the plan's investment options can remove your burden of investment monitoring and maintenance. Just choose the investments that fit your goals.

Now that you have found $20 in your budget, investing wisely can turn it into what you need at retirement.

Here's how:

U for You

in•ves•tor |'in•´ves•ter|

(noun) someone who understands the reason for saving and makes appropriate decisions based on their savings goals.

The Dean's take on Ron

Ron was a student of mine. He never set the curve, but he showed up every day, soaked it in and applied himself. He set his goals and he took care of business. Looks like he's doing the same in real life. Congrats.

Ron doesn't sweat the small stuff, epecially when it comes to choosing the investments in his 401(k). He doesn't worry about the little details. He remembers what I said about long-term investing. As he told me at graduation, “If I wanted to think about investments all day, I'd work on Wall Street.”

asset allocation + diversification + patience + disipline + simplicity = success

Sample Asset Allocation Chart

Sample Asset Allocation Chart