Your Bucket - Make it your own.

  • Your bucket has a handle. That means your bucket is portable.
  • Your bucket has a spigot. That means you can get money out when you get to retirement. You put it in slowly and with care. You should probably take it out slowly and with care.

Your Bucket - Make it your own.

Paint it!

Each of us controls our own retirement bucket. Your bucket has an outside to paint with your unique retirement dreams, and an inside for you to fill with your retirement income.

You paint the outside to give you a vision of what your own retirement will look like. A clear image of your dreams for retirement is a vital first step in the retirement planning process. While your vision is unique, one thing remains the same - retirement will cost a lot of money.

Fill it!

Painting the outside of the bucket is a lot like daydreaming. Filling the inside of the bucket requires hard work.

YOUR success in achieving your retirement goals depends greatly on how much money YOU save. You may have other sources of income when you are ready to retire, but your employer sponsored retirement plan is one way to give you a greater chance of filling your bucket and living your retirement dreams.

Remember, retirement plan participants that have successfully moved from spender, to saver, to investor, to planner have a good picture of what they'll be doing in retirement and they're saving for it today!

At NestEgg U, we have someone who can help you understand how to fill your bucket.

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