Dean on a coin jar

Welcome - Meet the Dean

As the Dean of Education at NestEgg U, let me get right to the point. We're different. We don't lump all participants together. We know a single enrollment meeting isn't education because proper planning for retirement requires more than choosing a deferral percentage and guessing at investments. And while hopefully all of you are participating in your retirement plan, few of you are at the same place on the planning spectrum.

So we have created an education curriculum to meet all of those varying needs. NestEgg U is committed to assisting you on the journey towards retirement.

To assist you in moving toward retirement, we have created courses that will help you go from being a "Spender" to a "Saver" to an "Investor" to a "Planner." Every year the courses contain pertinent materials that allow you to build towards the next year and eventually build to retirement.

NestEgg U believes that making real progress along the way takes guidance. Our staff of NestEgg U educators can provide that guidance. NestEgg U wants to help you reach your retirement goal.

We truly are U for You!

Our curriculum