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About My Plan

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New Enrollment
How do I start deferring to the Plan?

The Plan has Automatic Enrollment. That's the easiest way to participate. You don't need to do anything. If you are eligible, you are automatically enrolled in the 401(k) Plan on your enrollment date contributing 5% of your pay each pay period through payroll deduction.

If Automatic Enrollment is not for you, you may enroll in the PSSP Plan by selecting Login on the upper right of this page. Once you log in, select “Manage” and then click on “Manage Account.” With online enrollment, you can elect to contribute from 1% to 50% of your compensation through payroll deduction. You may change your salary deferrals by completing the online enrollment process. Please make sure to update your beneficiary information as well.

You may update your beneficiary information by logging into your account. If you are married and wish to designate someone other than your spouse as your primary beneficiary, please print and complete the Spousal Consent Form. Your spouse will need to complete the Spousal Consent page and have it notarized. Please send the completed form to:

Alliance Coal, LLC
Human Resources - Benefits
PO Box 22027
Tulsa, OK 74121

Plan Details

The considerations below merely summarize the major points of the Plan. In the event of a discrepancy between these points and the Plan Document, the Plan Document will control. The Plan Document is available for review in your Corporate Office.

What your plan offers
  • Automatic Enrollment
  • Annual Automatic Deferral Increase
  • Company Matching Contributions
  • Company Non-Matching Contributions
  • Participant Loans
  • Hardship Withdrawals
  • In-Service Distributions at age 591/2
  • In-Plan Roth Conversions
Eligibility & Entry
  • You are eligible for the Plan: Immediately
  • Automatic Enrollment: If you do not make an election, you will be automatically enrolled in the Plan deferring 5% Pre-tax
Employee Deferrals

You can defer (contribute) through payroll deductions:

  • 1% to 50% of your compensation in increments of 1%
  • Pre-tax deferrals
  • You can change your deferral amount at any time online or with a paper form.
  • Automatic increase takes place January 1
  • Roth 401(k) contributions

Fund Info

Fund Choices
AB Small Cap Growth Z QUAZX Fact Sheet
American Beacon Small Cp Val Inst AVFIX Fact Sheet
American Century Inflation-Adjs Bond R6 AIADX Fact Sheet
American Funds 2020 Trgt Date Retire R6 RRCTX Fact Sheet
American Funds 2025 Trgt Date Retire R6 RFDTX Fact Sheet
American Funds 2030 Trgt Date Retire R6 RFETX Fact Sheet
American Funds 2035 Trgt Date Retire R6 RFFTX Fact Sheet
American Funds 2040 Tagt Date Retire R6 RFGTX Fact Sheet
American Funds 2045 Trgt Date Retire R6 RFHTX Fact Sheet
American Funds 2050 Trgt Date Retire R6 RFITX Fact Sheet
American Funds 2055 Trgt Date Retire R6 RFKTX Fact Sheet
American Funds 2060 Trgt Date Retire R6 RFUTX Fact Sheet
American Funds Europacific Growth R6 RERGX Fact Sheet
Dodge & Cox Stock Fund DOXGX Fact Sheet
Fidelity® Emerging Markets Index Fund FPADX Fact Sheet
Metropolitan West Total Return Bd Plan MWTSX Fact Sheet
MFS Growth R6 MFEKX Fact Sheet
Morley Stable Value Fund MR15SV Fact Sheet
T. Rowe Price Overseas Stock I TROIX Fact Sheet
Vanguard Institutional Index I VINIX Fact Sheet
Vanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2015 Instl VITVX Fact Sheet
Vanguard Mid Cap Index Institutional VMCIX Fact Sheet
Vanguard Mid Cap Value Index Admiral VMVAX Fact Sheet
Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth Index Admiral VMGMX Fact Sheet
Vanguard Small Cap Index Adm VSMAX Fact Sheet
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index I VBTIX Fact Sheet
Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index I VTSNX Fact Sheet